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The Front Row was created in October of 2010 as a way to bring you the viewer up close, personal and in the Front Row of some of the best musicians in the Washington DC area, nation, and even the world.

The show was created by Phil Hargis, one of the most experienced television  producers in northern Virginia.  Phil produces and hosts the longest running fantasy sports show on TV, “Fantasy Sports Review”.   Earlier in 2010, Phil began producing another show called “Gotta Get Running”.   Phil’s biggest passions in life are football, running, music, and food.  So, in fall of 2010, he added another show to his repertoire of passions and created “Front Row”.   He chose Dave and Amanda to host the show, realizing their personalities and perspectives on music would complement each other perfectly to bring you the most interesting and entertaining shows featuring the best musicians.

Email Dave Today:  dave@frontrowshow.com

Dave Bayne has dedicated his entire life to the listening of music.  He owns almost every CD that has ever been pressed in the genre of hair metal.  His favorite band is KISS and his favorite KISS character is Ace Frehley….his favorite monsters are zombies.  His favorite video game is Plants vs. Zombies.  He also has a DVD collection larger than Netflix.  Dave likes to read books and even certain magazines.  He is a student of pop culture.  Believe it or not Dave played college football for Georgetown University and was once the Bishop O’ Connell student athlete of the week.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsbShPaud9M .    His favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys.  He is a recent convert to the Washington Capitals hockey craze here in DC.  And on his free time, Dave can be found at his favorite restaurants Breakers FX and Fast Eddies in Fairfax.  Dave is also a fan of becoming a fan of various pages on Facebook.  At one point, there was a reference to Dave on the Grevey’s Sports Bar and Restaurant wikipedia page and was one of the first ever Grevey’s Customers of the Month.  Dave believes that you must average 3,000 points per stanza.  His favorite color is black…but will break this one fashion rule…in favor of wearing jungle shirts.  Dave Bayne is the Eddie Trunk of Fairfax and we are thrilled to have him banging heads with all of you in the Front Row.

Email Amanda Today:  amanda@frontrowshow.com

Amanda MitchellWith an uncanny knack for finding the next big thing on the pop culture scene, this Pittsburgh-born, Arlington-based, discerning music fan is on a quest to establish herself as the go-to source for all things DC music.

Amanda has managed to keep ahead of the curve of pop culture, always striving to stay fresh by listening to the newest sounds, and attending all the buzz worthy local music events. Amanda’s love for hot beats and mesmerizing compilations drove her into a life of dance. She  has danced professionally for several years now and will be the first to tell you, “Dance is the manifestation of music in the flesh -Music has a face, and dancers introduce that face to the world!”

No stranger to the DC nightlife and music scene, Amanda’s work won’t be done until she brings her Front Row fans a voyeuristic look into the heart and soul of the hottest shows around!

When she’s not out scouring the DC music scene for the hottest who’s who, she works for a local lecture bureau and event design firm, recommending top entertainment talent to her corporate and trade association clients. Amanda and her firm have helped clients secure talent like the Black Eyed Peas, Blues Traveler, John Legend, the B-52’s, former members of Journey, Boston, and Toto,  plus many many more!

A few fun facts to leave you with- Amanda has played catch with Jerry Rice, done back flips with Arnold Schwarzenegger, finished a 5K with fake eyelashes on,  danced in the rain with Billy Ray Cyrus, pole-vaulted 2 stories high, and still holds the pull-up record at her elementary school… Oh yeah, and she can’t wait to meet YOU in the Front Row!

BONNIE VELAZCO – Photographer


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  1. its Mittens says:

    That was the best interview i’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

  2. Right there Shine says:

    Nice bro! Look forward to more interviews!

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